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We provide a specialist high level cleaning service to commercial and industrial sites. We use the multi vacuum and wash system and clean hard to reach areas and clean inside or outside most buildings, we can reach ledges, pipes, air blower ducting etc. which may previously been inaccessible unless hydraulic lifts or aluminium platforms were used to access the areas.


We have been able to pass down the costs to our customers; our high level vacuuming system will enable us to remove dust, debris, and cobwebs as well as interior and exterior cleaning using a telescopic pressure washer up to 65ft.


We have a video camera mounted on the high level extending pole and this is monitored by the operators, this enables us to see what is being cleaned and we can show the customer exactly what has been done via a DVD recording or on the client’s smartphone upon request.


Because no towers hoists or platforms are usually needed this has helped us reduce the cost to carry out cost effective solutions although our fully trained staff are able to undertake tasks that require the traditional methods mentioned above if requested or safety is compromised by the telescopic equipment.


For tasks that are beyond the reach of even our highest reaching tools we have fully accredited staff members that hold IPAF and PASMA licences so we are confident we can undertake even the hardest tasks that can be placed upon us. Our operators perform this work adhering to all Health & Safety regulations at all times.



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